Social Work Space

STUDIO 48 gives you the freedom to come when you want to, there will always be a place for you in our flex seats where you can work uninterrupted. 



Your Own Office Space

With our flex seating you decide how you want your work flow to be, come and work all day, or only for a few hours. You will have free access to the facilities in the opening hours


The price include:

  • A flex seat 
  • Free internet
  • Office close to the water
  • Monthly events for all in the office
  • Coffee and beer every friday if you desire

From 2500 KR


Your customers just learned what services you offer. Tell them why they should work with you or your team, for example you could highlight your experience and positive client reviews.


The badges illustrate this.  We also focus on key benefits they will get while using our services, namely quick turnaround times and dedicated support. You could also use them to show awards you won for your best work.

Events for all in the office

Social Work Space

Prime location

1000/1000 Mbit

Count Of Seats

Here is a quick overview of the availability of STUDIO 48

Available Seats​
Occupied Seats​